Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training provides the structure, accountability, motivation and support you need to make any of your health, fitness and performance goals a reality.

We understand that everyone we work with is an individual and our philosophy ensures that they are treated that way. Each of our personal training clients receive a bespoke training program tailored to their needs and is structured in a way that ensures they achieve the results they want.

Each personal training client is invited to take part in a pre-assessment, this is where we will gather all the information we need to begin building your bespoke training program. Once complete you will be guided step by step through your entire health, fitness and performance program. This includes your training inside and outside the gym as well as your diet.

Personal training is designed to challenge you both physically and mentally, but most importantly it is designed to be fun and deliver the results you want in the time frame you have available.

Our personal training service allows you to pay as you go or pay monthly. While we recommend that you commit to at least two sessions per week, we understand many circumstances influence your availability to train. For more information about our personal training service or to book your pre-assessment please complete our enquiry from.