Bespoke Programs

Bespoke Programs

Bespoke training programs are custom made training programs that are designed specifically around you and the results you want to achieve .

We understand that everyone we work with is an individual and our philosophy ensures that they are treated that way. Our bespoke programs are designed with each individual’s wants and needs in mind.

Seeing as our bespoke programs go all over the world, our pre-consultation is done via phone/skype call and usually in two parts. This allows us to gather all the information we need to be begin building your bespoke program. Once your program is complete you will receive a pdf version of your training program along with an exercise manual. The exercise manual will explain the correct technique for each exercise along with way to progress and regress. Your training program will explain the exercise you need to perform, in what order, reps, sets, tempo and rest.

Your program is designed to get you the results you want to achieve in the time frame you have available.

Our bespoke training programs are available in 8, 12 and 16-week plans. For more information about the bespoke programs we offer or to book your pre-consultation please complete our enquiry form